The Latest in Green Equipment For The Auto Detailing Business

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If the idea of lovingly cleaning and polishing up every bit of a beautiful auto is your idea of a great day spent at work, a career running an auto detailing business may be the thing for you. Even if you didn’t have your heart in it, the successful running of a competitive business does require that you work with the latest and greatest in detailing equipment. You certainly don’t want to be shown up by the next guy whose tools of the trade appear more capable than yours. For instance, having effective and powerful equipment is no longer enough to cut it. There are plenty of detailing businesses that advertise working with environmentally friendly cleaning equipment that’s clearly more advanced than anything that’s existed before. Let’s look at the equipment there is out there to power your auto detailing business.

Pressure cleaning can be a great and efficient way to get the job done cleaning the exterior of a car. Conventionally-designed pressure cleaning devices though can get a bit overenthusiastic. They attempt to clean with extremely high pressure levels, and this can without a doubt ruin exterior paintwork and finish. The safe pressure level for any cleaning device you use on the exterior of a car can never exceed 1300psi. The newest environmentally friendly cleaning equipment offered to auto detailers never exceeds safe levels, and it saves on water consumption as well.

Let’s face it, the interior of a car is pristine when anyone drives home a car for the first time. The floor of a car with its carpets though is a magnet for dust, stains, pet hair and food crumbs. It doesn’t take any time at all for a car to leave that new car freshness behind, and become more or less grimy and smelly. Any article detailing business needs high-performance carpet cleaning capabilities to be any good at its job. The latest low moisture carpet cleaners get the job done with steam and make for cleaning that can dry in under two hours.

Chemicals are what make all the cleaning happen at any auto detailing job. Not only are conventional chemicals used in auto detailing harmful to the environment, they can be terrible for the health of the people who work with them day in and day out. The latest natural cleaning products though, help enhance the power of the newest detailing machines there are, and they protect the health of the people who work these jobs every day too. With the best in green cleaning formulations on your side, your auto detailing business could offer capabilities that could truly turn the page in services of these kinds.


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