Food Supplements – Helpful or Harmful?

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Some of us are taking food supplements to protect our body from any diseases but there are some supplements that instead of protecting our body it increases the free radicals in our body that little by little destroys our body cells because of improper balancing. Human cells break down can cause cardiovascular heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and 70 other chronic degenerative diseases.

The video below is an apple test will let you think and realize that there are some supplements that will really help and protect your body from Free Radicals that destroys your body cells but there are some that increases the Free Radicals in your body because of improper balancing of the elements. 

The apple that is placed in three containers represents our  body cells. The two containers has a supplements and the other one has none. Try to watch very carefully what will happen to the apple after 3 days inside the container with and without a supplement and was being exposed to the air. 


You can now ask yourself, does your food supplement really protect your body or destroy your body? You need to be careful what you are taking in to your body, it is either protect you from any diseases or it will be the one that will destroy your body. 


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