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There is no doubt that a lot of businesses engaged in software reselling are having a hard time making sales. We all know that the economy is not very lively at this point. Understanding the need to expand, many firms are now into the use of software sales leads in order to capture a good slice of the software market. It is due to this dependence on software leads that different methods of lead generation have been devised by suppliers. One of these methods is the development of the pay per lead model. It is a very effective means for a software reseller to get good software leads for their business. And it’s a very profitable one, too.

The reason that pay per lead is increasingly becoming more popular with firms is because of the very nature leads are produced. It has excellent flexibility, often allowing firms greater control over the leads that they want, as well as the volume of leads that they are supposed to receive. In addition, software leads are obtained faster using this system. This enables the firm to reach their prospects much earlier compared to their competition. Time is definitely a factor for the firm, and pay per lead shortens that amount considerably. Also, most software resellers only need the leads. They can ably take care of the rest of the job.

That is because many of them are actually excellent telemarketers themselves. Come to think of it, they wouldn’t be in the software business if they don’t have any skills in selling in the first place. More often than not, they are actually much better than outsourced telemarketers. They know what they’re selling much better compared to those outside. Perhaps the only snag in their jobs is having limited or no prospecting skill. They are so good in selling that they may actually not have enough or any skill in identifying good prospects. Now, these two are very different tasks. Prospecting is simply the stage of piquing a prospect’s interest. No selling is done yet. It is only when the prospect signifies willingness to buy that a sales pitch is thrown in. You might end up alienating that prospect by acting like the complete stranger that immediately starts selling them stuff.

Pay per lead is not really a very radical lead generation strategy. Actually, it is set deeply in the culture of telemarketing. The only difference is in the way the leads are sent to you. You pay directly for the leads, not for the campaign and the telemarketers. This saves you the effort of supervising the entire lead generation campaign itself. This frees you up so that you can concentrate on the core functions of your business. This also saves you unnecessary expenses in hiring telemarketers since all you need are the leads. You have your own team (or you might be doing it on your own, because the job is so easy), so there is absolutely no point for you to get outside promotions help. You can do the sales talk yourself.

There are a variety of leads that you can get from pay per lead, all geared to make your business profitable. SAS leads, SAP leads, CRM software leads, ERP software leads, and business intelligence software leads can be easily ordered from reputable suppliers. You can use these to find the right firms to sell your software products to. You can also use pay per lead when you are looking for JD Edwards leads, Oracle leads, Microsoft leads, and Sage leads for companies who need software solutions for their business operations. There are many others more that you can quickly get from pay per lead.


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