DC Universe Finally Releases – Get The Tips Straight From The Beta Tester

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Bringing forth this major Mmorpg release was no small achievement. It’s an “action MMO”. The standard progression treadmill has been replaced by technique based play, “auto attack” is a thing of history. This kind of skill centered play is inherent to action MMO’s and is a welcome diversion for everyone ensnared inside the MMO type of games. Having the ability to go to battle against your most loved (or hated) DC Universe characters is priceless. Each character will have the opportunity to choose a patron or nemesis that can ultimately influence how that players abilities and gear develop. However , do not think you’re going to be limited to the roll of Robin, not, if Batman is your patron you’ll have a much “darker” persona. Trying to fit the game inside an Mmo category is a little difficult. Let’s be honest, it does not have the latest and greatest graphics your seeing unveiled for that latest Nvidia graphics card, the fact is the environments are generally rather simple looking. With that being said, DC Universe provides features that many will consider revolutionary in the Mmorpg genre. Environments are interactive, phone booths may be grabbed and chucked, fire hydrants likewise, structures can be ruined – this is the kind of interaction you’d probably expect to see inside a top-notch Fps release. Another main advancement is traveling, each and every character will have their own form of movement. You will not be traveling the same as the other players, you won’t be riding the same mounts as you may be used to in World of warcraft. You are going to decide on a motion type which can include scaling, flying, running (like Flash) or even bouncing like an acrobat. Until you have experienced it it’s really hard to emphasize what a large difference this makes to your over-all video gaming experience – it truly is huge. Player customization is a second notch in DC Universe Online’ s belt. Each and every character appears to be absolutely and positively unique. Colors, apparel, equipment, body-type – completely personalized and to an incredible degree. We have all seen Shaman around the Crossroads and felt like we were much like everyone else, well, we were; but no longer . When you decide to make the leap into DC Universe Online you will discover players already well versed and owning at the highest levels. Sony Online Entertainment granted all who pre-payed a beta-copy and the testimonials are in; the video game is wonderful! What are you waiting for Robin? Hop in those Underoos and start playing.


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