Love Or Thrill

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I look at you and you look at me

that is where it all started to be

Your name, your face is all I can see

I know it’s wrong, it won’t let me free

I’m sorry, don’t know what’s this I feel

is it love or just another thrill

Want to know you, yes this’ just so real

we’re not meant but I hope for it still

All of my days just think of your name

all my nights dreams of you often came

just wonder if you do feel the same

or it’s just only-my-dream-can-claim

The eyes could be very deceiving.Yes, it may be the windows of the soul, but sad to say it could also be the door to misinterpretation.Or the gate to deception.Why? Have you ever  experienced where the eyes met another windows of the soul and frantically illogically sends signals to the brain, made it interprets that something is happening? Something magical and all that “beyond-description” things? And the heart, the very closest  friend of the brain,  then shared the excitement and rejoiced and do nothing every single moment but signalling the brain to keep thinking of that special soul. And the whole body, sensing the thrill pumped from the heart, got nothing else best to do but assist the eyes to always have a glimpse at that love.But is it really love? Or just another thrill?


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