How to Choose an Accent Wall

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Accent walls have become a big trend in room design. It is an easy way to experiment with color in a room without it being too overwhelming. However, in order for an accent wall to make a great statement, the color has to be put on the right wall. If you are having trouble choosing which wall to accent, read on.

-Focal Point

Look around your room to see if your room has an obvious focal point. Accent walls are great ways to play up a fireplace, bay window, or a beautiful bed. An accent wall is meant to draw attention to a particular area, so do not fight the natural flow of the room. However, if your room does not have an obvious focal point, there are more ways to choose your focal wall.

-Enter the Room

If you do not have a focal point to work with, walk into the room and find the first wall that you see. By using the first wall you see as your accent wall, it is guaranteed to draw your attention. The color on this wall is guaranteed to be seen and so it will give you the most impact. If you do not have a focal point here already, perhaps this is where you should put one.

-Size of the Wall

You must also consider the size of the wall in your choice of an accent wall. If the wall that has the focal point is 20 feet long, then you may not want to use this wall as an accent wall. An accent wall is meant to provide a pop of color and draw your eye to it. If you paint a very large wall a bold color it can be very overwhelming on the eye. Though it would add color and draw attention to it, there is truth in the phrase “too much of a good thing”. So choose another wall or add molding to section off the large wall and paint inside that.

-View from Other Rooms

The last way to choose your accent wall is to see if the wall can be viewed from other rooms. Having your accent wall within view of a variety of different places, you will be able to bring in color to other rooms of the house without painting them. It will also help pull people into that room and create a natural gathering place. So if the previous points did not help you pick your wall, use this wall for your final decision.

Whether you are trying to add a pop of color or create a focal point in the room, and accent wall can bring you what you need. Just make sure you take your time and carefully select the right wall to accent. Now all you have to do is get to painting.


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