How to Choose an Accent Wall Color

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If you watch any of the home makeover shows, you have no doubt seen how much accent walls are used. They have become a huge trend in room design today but how does an average person come up with the perfect accent wall color? Though there is no set way to choose the right color for you accent wall, there are a few things you should look at to help you get it right.

First you are going to want to look at the colors in your room’s décor. What are the colors in that room that you absolutely love? What colors draw your eye? Look at candles, pillows, and artwork in the room for inspiration. By drawing your color from items already in the room, you are more likely to choose a color that is bold but still complements the other colors in the room.

However, it is best to find a color that is not already widely used in the room. If you have a bright red couch, you probably should not paint your accent wall red. The over use of a color can detract from the impact you are trying to create. Instead, choose a color that is already in the room but not too widely used. You probably have a couple of colors in mind. Now of those colors, what would be bold enough to bring attention to your accent wall without being too overbearing? That is the color you want to work with.

Now that you have a color in mind you are going to want to bring a sample of that color into your local home improvement store. Bringing the exact color you want with you will help insure that you get the right color and shade the first time. Match that color to one of the many paint samples available and purchase a small can of paint in that shade. This will allow you to test the color in your room without making a huge financial commitment.

How does it look? Is this the statement that you want to make in your room? If so, that is great, purchase some more paint and finish your beautiful accent wall. If not, no problem, work through to find another color that you think would work. The best thing about paint color is that it isn’t permanent; you can change it as often as you want. Now start painting, you have nothing to lose.


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