How to Choose a Paint Color For The Bathroom

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Creating the right atmosphere is important in any room of your home and the best way to create that atmosphere is with paint. The right paint color can make your bathroom feel warm and inviting or bright and lively. However, choosing the right paint color to create the feeling you are looking for can be difficult, so keep these things in mind.

Before you start choosing a color for your bathroom there are two things you need to take into consideration. First is if you are going to be moving you do not want to choose too bold of a color. Bold color choices can easily scare off a potential buyer and nobody wants that. A neutral tan will ensure that you do not put off a buyer because of your color choice. Though it may seem boring to you, it will increase how many people you will appeal to.

Second is who will be using your bathroom. If the bathroom is going to only be used by the kids, a bright color is just fine. However, if the bathroom will be shared by the whole family, try to find a color that will appeal to everyone. Make your color choice appealing to who ever will be using that room. You are going to be looking at it several times a day.

Keeping those things in mind, it is time to choose your paint color.

The size of your bathroom is an extremely important thing to consider when choosing paint color because it is not going to change unless you do a complete overhaul. A small bathroom can very easily feel like a cave if you choose a dark color like chocolate brown or a dark navy. If you love a dark color, perhaps you can find the same shade but a few shades lighter. For instance, instead of a chocolate brown go for a cappuccino color that gives you a rich brown but isn’t so dark. This will create the same look you are wanting without closing in the small space.

On the other hand, a large bathroom can feel vast if you choose a very light color. If this is the look you want that is fine, but if you want an intimate feel to your bathroom you need to avoid light colors. Instead, find a color that is in that same family but is a few shades darker. If you ignore the size of your space you are likely to be very unhappy with the effect the paint has on your space.

The second thing to look at is the existing finishes in the room. Cabinet color, floor color and the finish of the fixtures are all things to consider. When you are standing in the paint store it can be much harder to take all of these things into account. Luckily, that is why stores provide you paint chips to take home. Select several different colors and shades that appeal to your eye and go home to see how they look with your room’s finishes. Put each paint chip next to your cabinets and flooring as well as your countertop. If a color does not look good with any of these finishes, then it is not a contender.

Once you find a few colors that work well in the room, make sure they work with the towels and shower curtains you have or are going to have. The reason this is the final step is because these are easy and inexpensive things to change if you need to. Hold your paint chips up to what you have, if one of those chips work, great! If not, see if it is in the budget to get something new or try to find another color.

If you follow these steps you will be able to find the color that is perfect for your bathroom. By taking into account the room’s size, finishes and décor you will be able to narrow down your options and come up with the best paint color for you. Now all you have to do is start painting. Good luck!


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