How to Get Money Fast Before You Go Into Foreclosure

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The threat of foreclosure on your home can be very difficult to handle when you do not have money to keep it at bay. Getting money so you can keep your home is the most important thing when you are in this situation. Luckily, there are fast ways to make money so you can pay your mortgage and keep your home out of foreclosure. Here are some ways to get the money you need.

-Donate Plasma

Plasma donation is a very easy way to make around $60 a week. The process of donating plasma is much like donating blood and it only takes around an hour. Most plasma donation centers will allow you to donate twice a week. If you get your spouse to donate as well, you can make around $600 in four weeks.

-Get Another Job

Getting a part time job, like waiting tables or delivering pizza is a great way to make money fast. Many of these types of jobs will allow you to bring your tips home every night in cash. This means that if you need extra money before you pay check arrives you will still have money coming in.

-Do Odd Jobs

Find odd jobs that you can easily do to make extra money. You can start babysitting, mow lawns, or even paint houses. Offer these services to anyone you can to bring in more money. Not only will you come home with cash to pay your mortgage, but you may even find it as a good source of money once your problems have passed.

-Do Not Spend Anything

If you need money to pay your mortgage, do not spend money. Do your best to live on what you have. Go to a food bank if you need food, shut off your cable, and turn off your AC. By not spending money that you would normally spend, you are freeing up cash to pay your mortgage.

-Sell your Stuff

Finally, if you still find yourself needing money to pay the mortgage, it is time to start selling. Get rid of that old treadmill, sell the TV, sell movies, and sell clothes. It may be hard to do, but losing your home would be even harder. Smaller things are much easier to replace than a home. So gather your things and have a yard sale.

If you find yourself needing to make money fast to avoid foreclosure, use these ideas to bring in that extra money. Losing your home is a devastating experience and it is important to avoid it if at all possible. Doing these things is going to be difficult, but saving your home is important. Try to remember that the situation is temporary and that all of these extra hardships will be worth it when this trial is over.


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