How to Eat on $3 a Day

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When times are tight it is important to find ways to cut back on expenses. For many people, food is one of the most expensive items in their budget, which makes it a great place to cut back. So many people spend several hundred dollars a month on food for just one person. Though it may be difficult, it is possible to only spend $3 a day on food. That is just $90 a month. Here is what you need to do to eat on just $3 a day.

Free Food

In order to eat on $3 a day, it is important to learn how to get food for free. No, I am not talking about stealing or going to a food bank. At stores like Wal-Mart, Kroger and Tom Thumb, you can get food for free using coupons. Stores and food companies are scrambling for your dollar, and so they put out great deals in order to get you to continue to purchase from them later down the road. If you do not feel like looking through every ad to find good deals, head over to Here you can find free food at a multitude of different stores, and you did not have to look through ads.

Cheap Meat

When you are working with only $3 a day, it is important to find cheap sources of protein. Ground turkey, chicken quarters and pork chops with bone in are all cuts of meat that can be found very cheaply. Try to buy family packs of these meats that have been reduced for quick sale for even more savings. Then all you have to do is plan your meals around the inexpensive meat that you bought.

Bake Bread

Instead of spending extra money on packaged bread or refrigerated dough, learn how to bake your own bread. A single loaf can be made for under $1 and can be used to make sandwiches, French toast, or even croutons for a salad. There are plenty of easy recipes out there, so you have no excuses.

Cut out Soda

With a 2 liter of soda costing over $1, it really does not fit into a $3 a day budget. Instead, try making sweet tea at home. Tea can cost as little as $1 for 100 tea bags, which makes it a perfect drink when you are on a budget. Also, don’t forget coffee and homemade lemonade can be cheap drinks to shake things up.

Eat Leftovers

When you are working with only $3 a day, you have to make every bit of food you buy count. Make sure you never let your leftovers go to waste. Take those extras for lunch, turn them into another dish, or freeze them for another night. Whatever you do, do not waste food.

Do not Eat Out

Though it should seem obvious, eating out is almost never in the budget when you only have $3 a day to spend. Unless you have a free item coupon, the cost of eating out will quickly put you over budget. If you must have at least one night out a month, cut food costs elsewhere so you have a little money to splurge. Otherwise, stay at home.

If you are very careful about how you spend your food dollar, it is possible to eat on only $3 a day. Though you have to make some sacrifices, you can find ways to satisfy your hunger while eating on a budget. Make sure to follow these tips and you will be slashing your food bill very soon.


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