How to Save Money on Infant Clothes

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When you are having a baby the cost of medical expenses, diapers, and furniture can be overwhelming. To add to the expense, the cost of infant clothes can be outrageous if you are not careful. Luckily, you do not have to spend a fortune on your child’s clothing. Follow these tips and you will be able to save a ton of money on your infant’s clothes.

-Get it Free

Let friends and family know that you would appreciate any hand-me-downs they might have. Many times people would love for their children’s outgrown items to go to good use but just don’t know who to give it to. You would be surprised how many free outfits you will receive if you just put the word out.

However, if you aren’t comfortable asking family and friends, then you can always get free clothing from strangers. Freecycle and Craigslist are great places to find infant clothing for free. People will post what items they have to give away and all you have to do is arrange a time for you to pick up the items. Check back with these sites often, there are new offers all the time.

-Buy Used

Infants grow out of clothing very quickly, and so it is easy to find clothing that has very little wear. Why pay full price for infant clothes when you can get like new clothing for as little as $.25? Check out garage sales and thrift shops for the best deals.

If the idea of looking through piles of unorganized clothes discourages you, try shopping at Once Upon a Child. This consignment chain is more expensive than your typical garage sale, but you will only find quality infant clothing all at one place. They also have sales frequently, as well as a loyalty program that will save you even more.

-Buy Clearance

If you find yourself wanting some new clothing for your baby, make sure to check out the clearance section. You never know what you will find. However, discounts of 75%-90% off are not unheard of. If you happen across an excellent deal, be sure to take advantage of it by buying items ahead of time. Just make sure that the items you buy will match the season when you child will fit them.

-Sell Those Clothes

Once your baby has outgrown their clothes, sell any items that are in great shape. You can do this buy posting them onto a classified ad or by taking them to a consignment shop. Either way, make sure you get some money back for your items. Then you can take the money you make and put it toward whatever clothing your infant needs.

If you are smart about your shopping, saving money on your infants clothing can be quite easy. Take advantage of all the resources available to you and you will never have to pay full price for your children’s clothing. You have no excuses now, shop smart!


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