Methods of Reducing Stress

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While a little stress can motivate us, the stress levels many people have put them at risk for health problems. Thus, it’s important to manage that stress. There are multiple things that can be done. In our lifetime, we’ve heard a lot of them. Eating healthier can reduce our stress levels, as can exercise and sexual activity. Furthermore, there are benefits from getting the proper amount of sleep and going out and socializing with friends. Our society has a near infinite amount of relaxation methods. The problem is that many people have so much stress that even a lot of stress reducing techniques aren’t enough.

The most beneficial thing you can do for reducing stress is to organize your life. Procrastination makes you worry about your responsibilities for longer than necessary. Putting a stop to that can reduce a lot of stress. I’ve had some major health problems as a result of procrastinating. Most people are fortunate enough to avoid drastic consequences so they assume it’s not a big deal. However, that’s because they haven’t committed to not procrastinating. It may take a few weeks, even months, for the benefits of organizing your tasks to become evident.

Additionally, we are guilty of taking on to many projects at once. I do this all the time. I’ve got to write on helium, work on twitter, practice drawing, plan a novel, write a novel, do essays, exercise more, study french, study logic, study french, eat healthier, finish the laundry, clean the house, download new music, and take some time to relax. I’m forgetting a lot of things, and I’d say I’m less stressed than the average person. I decide to work on multiple things at once. Some people work better this way, but it can add stresses. There is something to be said for working on one goal at a time. Focusing on a task and following through gives you a sense of satisfaction that helps deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Speak out when something bothers you. Some people are under the impression that they aren’t allowed to complain at work. Communicating your frustrations is fine when done in the right way. Of course, it’s not always that simple. However, I know a lot of people who are in work situations where they are extremely frustrated. However, they also believe they can’t do anything about it. Most of the time that isn’t true. But if it is true, they aren’t doing themselves any favors by griping about it. That just gives them unnecessary stress. Some things just aren’t fun and part of being a mature adult is learning how you can deal with those situations.

When you’re excessively stressed, it’s natural to use occasional stress reducing techniques. A lot of our stress is unnatural because we are biologically designed to sleep properly, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. Many of us (myself included) don’t always do this. But if these things are in order, it’s worth thinking about rearranging your life. People would recognize they have a problem if they pop pills for stress (ignoring legitimate medical reasons here). However, we pretend nothing is wrong when people use other techniques to accomplish the same task. If you’re spending three hours removing stress after work, that’s three hours of your time that was taken away by your job. The best thing you can do is maximize efficiency in your life so stress is minimized.


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