How To Create A Website For Your Band

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A lot of people spend their free time browsing the internet and going to their favorite websites. If you have a band, it would be a great idea to have your own website. Even though you may have a social network account or a fan page dedicated to your band, it would be even better if your band had a whole website. Here is how to make a website for your band.

You could pay for a domain and hosting for your website, but there are so many free websites out there. Be careful of which company you decide to go with. Some companies offer no help to those who know little about html coding and script. If you don’t know how to create a website from scratch, is the best place to make your website. lets you make a free website without any prior knowledge of the internet or coding. Create a free account at Now you click to create a website.

Your website can be anything that you want it to be. Your band’s logo should be on the website. Other than that, there are really no rules. You can follow my guidelines if you are unsure of what to do though. The first page should describe your band. Your logo should be at the top. A picture of the members of your band should be in the body and beside the picture, put a description of your band. Talk about the genre of music you play. Put the names of everyone in the band.

Next you should have a biography page. Everyone in the band can write their own biography. It should contain some things about them and let the fans get an inside look into their personality. They can each have a photo of them beside the biography.

There should be a page dedicated to the music. Have tracks or samples of tracks that your band has made for the fans to listen to. There should be a page for a store where you sell band shirts, music, and other items. Have a “contact us” page where fans can write fan mail to you.

You should have a page for updates. Yola lets you have a blog within your website. You can write updates and upcoming shows that you will play so that the fans are always informed about what your band is doing.

You can even add a forum easily on yola. In the forum, people can post and discuss many things. You can also add a chat room. Check out the widgets section on yola to see all of the different widgets you can add to your website. Once you are finished, you should let everyone know about your site. Make t-shirts with the url on it and tweet about your website so that others can check it out.


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