How to Save Money on Out Door Christmas Decorations

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For many of us, Christmas is expensive enough without having to worry about buying out door Christmas decorations. The cost of lights, figurines, garland, and wreaths seems to be astronomical, especially if you do not know the best ways to save money on this out door décor. If you are smart about how you shop, though, you will be able to save a great deal of money on out door Christmas decorations.

Buy Used

Most people think of used items as worn out, broken pieces of junk. Though this can be the case, often times people sell lightly used items for very little because they either need the money or just don’t want them any more. Take advantage of this.

Yard sales just before the holidays are great places to pick up Christmas items because people are trying to clear out all the extra stuff they have collected over the years. You can also look on Craigslist or in your local classifieds for bigger outdoor items. Either way, it is always possible to get quality used Christmas decorations if you know where to look.

Shop Late

If you need a few finishing touches for your outdoor Christmas display, shop late in the season. About a week or two out from Christmas, stores start to slash their prices to get items out of the door. Take advantage of these sales, use a coupon, and walk away with a great deal on your decorations. The best part is you will still have a month or so to enjoy them before you need to take the decorations down.

Shop After

Now if you are starting your out door Christmas decoration collection from scratch, shop after the holidays to take advantage of the best sales possible. After Christmas, decorations go on sale for as much as 90% off. The selection will be picked over a bit, but the essentials and a few of the extras should still be available. By sacrificing on selection now, you will save large sums of money on your purchase.

Focus Your Money

If you are working with very limited funds, make sure to focus your money on the most important aspects of your out door décor. You will not be able to buy everything so pick up just a few key pieces. Lights for the house and in the bushes, a wreath for the door, and one large piece that you absolutely love will give you holiday cheer without breaking the bank. Make sure you have a plan in your head so you know exactly what to buy, so that you do not waste money.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to save a great deal of money on your out door holiday decorations. You could just use one of these tips, but if you combine all of them this year you will be able to create a beautiful display for much less than what your neighbors paid.


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