How to Save Money For College With Coupons

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For so many people in this economy, making ends meet is the only thing on their mind. The thought of saving money for their children’s college is always in the back of their mind, but they do not think it is even a possibility. Luckily, there is an online program called Upromise that allows you to use E-Coupons to start saving for your child’s college fund.

Get an Account

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you have to sign up for an account at Upromise. This account is free and only takes a few minutes of your time to sign up for.

Register your Loyalty Cards

Once you have an account, you are going to need to register all of your loyalty cards that participate in the program. Large chains like Kroger, Tom Thumb, and CVS participate, so it is likely there is a participating store in your area. Do a search on Upromise’s website to find out which stores near you participate in the program.

Load Coupons

Now that you have all of your loyalty cards attached to your account, you can start loading coupons onto them. Look for coupons for things you normally use, like food or diapers. Make sure you do not load a coupon just because it is there. You are not saving money if you would not buy the item anyway.

Redeem Coupons

When it comes time for your usually shopping trip, be sure to write down which coupons are loaded onto your card. This will remind you to pick those items up. When you get to the register, make sure to have your loyalty card scanned so you get credit for your purchase. Remember, the coupon will not take money off the total, but will instead show up in your Upromise account to be saved for your child’s college.

Transfer Savings

Once your account has been credited for using the coupon, you can transfer the amount into a 529 plan or request a check to put them into another type of college savings plan. How easy is that?

Saving money for college with E-Coupons is extremely easy and will help you provide for your children even in these tough economic times. The sooner you sign up, the more money you will be able to contribute toward your children’s college future. Take advantage of this free way to fund college.

*Please note that there are multiple ways to save money for college at Upromise, this is just one way.


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