How to Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

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First question:

            Are you sure you want him back?  He is, after all, a bit of a jerk.  Otherwise, he’d still be your boyfriend.

            (Fine!  You want him?  Let’s go get him.)

            For whatever reason the two of you broke up, you need to understand it was entirely his fault.  He either did something wrong to create this situation, or he didn’t handle it right when you did whatever it is that you did.  Either way, you need to be clear on the fact that you are not at fault, and you are certainly to be commended for taking the initiative to repair this relationship.

            So, how do you go about doing that?

            There are a great many ways to accomplish the task and this guide will take you step by step through the process with an absolute guarantee of success . . . as soon as we define success.

            Success in this endeavor does not mean he will suddenly become perfect in every way.  After all, he will still be a guy.  There’s only so much you can do with the male of the species, but you probably already know that.

            Success simply means that he will once again be your boyfriend.  (For how long, should be up to you.)

            But, before we begin, there are just a few more questions you should consider:

1.      How soon do you want him back?

2.      Do you want him to merely agree to this, or does he need to want you desperately?

3.      Is there some part of you that doesn’t just want him back, but needs to teach him a lesson?

4.       Don’t you think you should give more thought to the question at the top of the page?

* * * *

            OK.  Let’s get started. 

            In the coming chapters we will reveal several time-tested strategies for winning back your boyfriend, no matter what the cause of the break-up or the current state of your relationship.   While each of these strategies is a surefire winner, be on the lookout for the one that seems best suited to your particular case.

            All guys are different except to the extent that they are all exactly the same (because they’re guys), and will respond to certain situations, stimuli, intellectual and emotional arguments, and circumstances with complete predictability.  This will work very much to your benefit in accomplishing your goal, especially once you are completely confident in the fact that your success is assured.  And you will be successful.  Make no mistake about it.              CONFIDENCE, TIME-TESTED STRATEGIES, and your SECRET WEAPON will get the job done.  

            Remember, this is just like training a dog.  (It’s almost identical.)  You need to be confident, equipped with the necessary information, and have a few tricks up your sleave.


The secret weapon contained in this guide is just that . . . a secret.  KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!  Even your boyfriend (especially your boyfriend) must never know about it under any circumstances.  A girl needs to have a few secrets.


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