How To Make Your Art Work Locally Famous

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It takes many hours of hard work and practice to make your creations. You should be appreciated and known for what you do. Here is how to get your friends, family, and community involved in your art work.

I assume that you have an existing twitter, facebook, and myspace account. Most people have accounts on these popular social networks. If you don’t have an account already, I advise you to create one. Add all of your friends and family and anyone who lives in the area. Now the important part: upload high quality photos of your art work so that everyone can see it. People will see your work and usually people will be impressed with your creations.

Next, create a blog or website solely for your work to be displayed. Upload photos of your work and what you are doing right now to advance and improve. Add your website or blog url to your facebook, twitter, and myspace and alert everyone whenever there is an update or a new post.

Sign up for intermediate art classes in your area in order to improve your skills. If you are a photographer, travel to an area away from where you live and take breath-taking photos. When you come back, upload them online for all to see.

Now, enter your work into an art exhibit to be displayed. Usually there are winners at art exhibits and you may be one of the ones who win first, second, or third place for your category. Even if you don’t win, this is great for your art work to be shown and seen by so many people who appreciate art. Invite everyone you know to come to the exhibit and take a lot of pictures for your website or blog.

If there are no opportunities in your area for an art exhibit, create your own. You can have it at a local venue that allows that sort of thing. You may have it at a coffee shop or museum. You can even do an art exhibit at your own home. Plan in advance and get the word out that you are doing this. You will want people to mark it on their calendars and come. Have refreshments for the guests to enjoy. Thank people for coming. Keep a guest sign-in sheet with phone numbers or addresses. A few days after the exhibit call and say thank you for coming or send a thank-you letter to them.


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