Knight And Day Movie Review

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching the Knight and Day movie with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruz. The movie was definitely different and somewhat interesting. There was nothing too special about it. Some parts were interesting towards the middle. I would say that this movie could be worth watching if nothing better is available.

The story line of the movie was a bit lame and I think this movie was too small for Tom Cruz and Cameron Diaz. These actors could do better than that. Somehow Cameron Diaz plays similar roles in many of her movies. It is typical for her to be the adventurous single girl who gets herself in trouble because she is so naive and falls in love easily. I wonder if this is her real personality as well.

I really do notice a personality pattern with many of the movie stars. For instance, Angelina Jolie often plays an action hero and a seductress and she is this way in real life too. She is leading an active lifestyle by traveling the world, participating in politics, and raising her large family. She managed to steal Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, so that makes her a seductress. Charlie Sheen plays a drunk and a womanizer in his popular show Two and a Half Men. He is exactly this way in real life also. It seems that art resembles life.


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