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I tell about ShortTask which is very easy and you haven’t spent any time to do this data entry job. It’s a practical site of online working.
 ShortTask is not only site of data entry job, freelancing job  but also a site of freelancing job.

Remember for this site :-

In this sector, who provide task, called seeker and who solved that task, called solver.

It is very easy work than Microworkers.

There is no bidding system to do job here. The jobs are very short and need (1-10) minutes to do.

Since the jobs are tiny so the seeker gives you a short payment for each job but must be the range of $.10-$5.00. Every 30 minutes you get a lot of job.

One job you can do one time and after doing a job the job is hiding form your account. But no tension!!!!!!!! You always get 2756-3325 jobs every time.

Which need For this Job:-

1. You need to know internet browsing .

2. Basic English skill for do this job.

Earning way:-

You can earn from Shorttask by many way. Like :

1.Facebook Like.



4.Sing up.



7.Blog writing

There are many way to earn money from this sector.


There was no refaral earning in this sector.


When your earning is over $9.00, you can withdraw your payment through Check, Moneybookers, Paypal, Alertpay.

So you can earn by Shorttask without any hesitation.

I thing this information help to you to go ahade in online freelancing job.


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