Bank of America Website Restored

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Friday afternoon the Bank of America website was restored. Friday morning at approxamitely 7:00 A.M. E.T. the main serves of the Bank of America online banking system went down. By 5:15 P.M. E.T. the main server came back on line at full capacity. The reparation took all day and technicians worked hard to enable the 29 million users of the system to get access the same day.

It is not clear why the bank’s server system went down. Bank of America and other banks in the United States refused payments to Wikileaks the last month. Bank of America followed Mastercard and Paypal in cancellation of all payments to Wikileaks. Immediately rumors spread that a Wikileaks participants planned a viral attack on online banking platforms in the United States. Forbes reported that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be releasing hundreds of thousands of documents on a major U.S. banking company in 2011. He planned to expose the bank’s shady practices in an effort to provoke a investigation on the U.S. banking system.

Friday is the main banking day in the United States. Most people withdraw money from the ATM machines and salaries are paid on the last day of the working week. The online banking service being offline on Friday was a huge problem for many. Not being able to access your own banking account is an annoyance from the highest shelf.

Questions are raised now why the largest bank in the United States – the Bank of America – does not have a backup system that kicks in when the main servers go down. It was the third time within one years that the online banking system went down.

The bank said afterwards that many could access, however the system was slow. However the messages flying around the internet definitely showed that none had access for a large part of the day.


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