Bank of America Website Down

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Thousands of online bankers have been duped when Friday morning the Bank of America website went down. User were unable to access, no online banking was possible. No body was able to use the website to place transactions, check bank accounts or buy stocks. Later during the day, parts of country came online again, but extremely slow.

The largest bank of the United States the Bank of America twittered the following message at their Twitter account @BOA. A recent message read; “We are aware of the issues and are working to resolve it as fast as possible. Please accept our apologies.” It was the third time the online banking system went offline within 12 months.

It is uncertain why the servers went down. Bank of America and a few other large banks in the United States refused payments to Wikileaks. BOA followed Mastercard and Paypal in canceling all payments to Wikileaks. The last week there were rumors that a Wikileaks participants planned an viral attack on online banking platforms. In November, Forbes reported that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said he will be releasing “either tens or hundreds of thousands of documents” on a major U.S. banking company in early 2011. He planned to expose the bank’s shady practices in an effort to provoke a large-scale investigation on the U.S. banking system.

Friday morning the main servers went down by 7:00 am E.T. The bank admits that there is a server problem where technicians are working hard to solve the problems. The bank told reporters that a routine system change caused the problem.

Friday is the most important banking day, as it is the day where most people use the system to pay bills and transfer money to different accounts. Inbound and outbound traffic was not possible, which meant that salaries were paid later then usual. Friday is also the day where most people use the ATM machine to withdraw cash for the weekend.


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