The Whole Purpose of Doing a Short Sale is to Avoid Foreclosure

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Real Estate Short Sale Questions and answers from Tomas Garcia & John Lanting who are 2 of Sacramento’s Leading Real Estate Short Sale Specialist.
The whole purpose of doing a short sale is to avoid foreclosure!
“What problems can one have in a real estate transaction?” Chris who lives in Rockland.

Tomas Garcia: Hello! My name is Tomas Garcia and this is my business partner, John Lanting. We’re both real estate agents with Keller Williams. Welcome to our show where we have an opportunity to address the questions that you have specific to the short sale market.
John Lanting: Tomas, we have a very good and challenging question today, and this question came from Chris who lives in Rockland. His question is, “What problems can one have in a real estate transaction?”
Tomas Garcia: Specific to the short sale?
John Lanting: Specific to the short sale, that is.
Tomas Garcia: What problems can one have in a short sale transaction? Let me answer that with another question, John. How much time do I have to give you an answer?
A short sale is a very, very complex process. It’s a very sensitive process. It’s a very emotional process for many reasons. Obviously, you have the circumstances where there is a financial hardship in most cases or some — other sort of legitimate hardship whether it would be a divorce or issues with health, so a lot of variables can be involved there.

To See the video “What problems can one have in a real estate transaction?” in HD go to YouTube Channel foreclosurnshortsale.


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