How To Fight

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Begin able to defend yourself against an aggressor, being able to keep yourself and the people that you care about safe if the worst should happen and you or they are attacked is something that I personally feel to be very important. Even if you think that it is very, very unlikely that you would ever need to use any martial arts knowledge there is a certain confidence that comed with that knowledge which has a value in itself. And it can also be great fun learning martial arts too!

That is why I personally think that it is important to learn how to fight. Obviously I can’t teach readers a complete martial arts in a single article, but I can provide a few handy tips and then some useful further resources that you can take a look at.

Obviously the best thing to do is to find a good quality martial arts or self defense class. If you live in a reasonable sized town or city then I would recommend doing some research, finding a few classes close enough to home for you to reach and asking to sit in on a lesson to watch. Then you can find something that will suit you well, you will enjoy, and you will keep practicing long enough to learn well.

You can also get some good books and DVDs that will teach you the basics. I recommend How To Fight by Scott Nielson.

If you want to learn some simple techniques that you can use right away and that will help you in pretty much any fight that you might get into then you can also take a look at my other article here on bukisa about how to throw a strong punch.


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