Do You Have Problems With Your Jailbroken Ipod/iphone? Well I'm Here to Tell You Some Solutions to Those Problems!

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Do you have problems with your wifi at home? It tends to show you have wifi but your iPod doesn’t recognize it? Well this is a commonly known error possibly with your modem or iPod here are some solutions;

If you suspect it to be a modem problem read the following:
Do you have a laptop or a gadget that you use wirelessly and you are booted off the Internet at random times or by switching applications on the iPod? There may be a problem with your modem. First, reset your modem, press the reset button once, wait 30 seconds. Push the button again, never rapidly push the reset button, you could be damaging the modem. Now, wait until your modems Identification lights are glowing green, if the Internet light is glowing red you have a problem. Wait about 1 minute to see if it turns green. If it doesn’t your modem may have a virus or have some damage on the inside of it’s wifi processor. Now, you know that there is a problem(s) with your modem. All you have to simply do now is call your wifi provider e.g: Aliant, and tell them of your problem, they should replace it and your iPod wifi problem is fixed!

If you believe your problem is win your iPod itself do the following at your own precaution:
First of All, you need to be certain the error is with your iPod, meaning after you’ve checked the upper instructions. If you haven’t do not read this part yet! Go on safari and it should open up, now click the home button and try to open up another application such as the Facebook application. It should take about 5 minutes just to tell you that there was a connection error where it times out. What you do is turn your wifi off and on again, if the same thing happens when you so the safari and Facebook test, go and click forget this network. Re-enter your wifi wep key and if it still doesn’t work do the following: (This is the last option do not do this first!!!!!) Hold down the sleep and home button for 10 seconds (or until you see an apple with the silver bar loading) and wait till it finish’s re-connect it to iTunes and you should be good to go!

Thank you for your time, please don’t be afraid to comment and send me questions!!! I can only help you more if you tell me what’s wrong!!! Thanks 🙂


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