Where to Find And How to Use a Hello Kitty Credit Card

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Step 1: Go to the Sanrio credit card page at sanrio.com/credit_card to get started with the application process. At the time of this writing, some benefits of getting a Hello Kitty credit card include WorldPoints, allowing redemption for miscellaneous things as well as cash. Another benefit at the time of this writing is a free Hello Kitty item with your first purchase over $50.

Step 2: Click the “Apply Now” button and you’re taken to the Hello Kitty credit card application page. Fill out the information to apply and have your card sent to you shortly.

Step 3: Decide how you want to use you Hello Kitty credit card. Some options include using it just for purchases of Hello Kitty items, or you can use it just for birthday or special gifts to people. Finally, you could just use it as you would a regular card but enjoy the fact that Hello Kitty is in charge of this one.

A great place to start shopping, or just browse, for Hello Kitty items is the Sanrio Shop at shop.sanrio.com. The shop organizes items into convenient categories listed along the left and top navigation bars. A few categories include new & best sellers, designer collections, and japan exclusives. Apply for your Hello Kitty credit card today, browse today, and shop when it arrives.

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