5 Free Amigurumi (Crocheted Doll) Patterns For Valentine's Day

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There are a few gift items traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day – namely candy, flowers, and stuffed animals. These Amigurumi (Japanese for “crocheted doll”) are cute, easy, and perfect for
 giving as Valentine gifts. Best of all, the crochet patterns are free!

Amigurumi Hearts Free Crochet Pattern


This heart pattern comes in three sizes. They are cute on their own, or could also be added to any animal Amigurumi pattern to make it into a Valentine’s Day animal. The hearts could also be embroidered with Valentine sentiments like “I love you” or “Be mine.”

Valentine Owl Free Amigurumi Pattern


Bird lovers will adore this cute little Valentine owl Amigurumi. He’s made in a heart-ish shape and crocheted in red and pink yarns for a festive look. The pattern could also be used with brown and tan yarn to create a non-holiday owl.

Amigurumi Bon-Bon Candy Magnets Free Crochet Pattern


Chocolates are yummy, but these crocheted candy refrigerator magnets are far less fattening and longer-lasting! Use different shades of brown to make chocolates, or mix in some pink for a more Valentine-y look. The pattern is free, but in order to view it you must sign up for a free account with Lion Brand yarn.

Love Birds Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern


Also from Lion Brand yarn, these adorable love birds are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Make a pair for your favorite couple or tuck a couple in with each kid’s Valentine treats. To make them even more festive, replace the wings with heart appliques.

Heartfelt Bunny Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern


Yet another fabulous pattern from Lion Brand yarn is this free bunny Amigurumi. It is decked out in pink and white and adorned with a tiny heart, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day stuffed animal.


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