Handmade Jewelry – a Great Idea For a Personalized Gift

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To most women, seeking out beautiful jewelry to wear or to admire is an adventure all in itself. Women just can’t have enough of the experience of looking through window displays on boutiques on the street, looking around flea markets for one-of-a-kind finds at a bargain, and checking out online catalogs for undiscovered treasures out there. If you are like most women, you should have enough in your collection to kit out your own mail-order business in jewelry, more or less. As much as women like to leave no stone unturned finding the latest jewelry, there is one area that most women seem to neglect to think of – their own handmade jewelry. Not only is handmade jewelry guaranteed to help you stand out with its uniqueness, it’s never going to be a burden on your funds. If you don’t mind putting your thinking cap on for little while each day to think up fresh designs, you could put together a funky jewelry collection in no time. And the best part is, no one would be any the wiser.

There are a couple of basic techniques that most handmade jewelry gets put together by. Usually, the most common one involves the stringing of beads together. Depending on whether you use wire or string, you’ll find a way to keep beads in places you decide for them with crimps wire or knots in the string. If you want to try bead weaving, you buy very small beads to weave on string in rich patterns. Let’s look at some ways in which handmade jewelry usually gets made, and things should clear up.

For our first design, let’s take up a necklace made of beads and wire, in the shape of the letter Y. Cut up a length of wire that is about four times as long as the bottom stalk of the Y you plan to have. Thread a single small bead right at the center of the wire. You can now double up the wire and thread both ends with as many beads as you want for the stalk of the Y. The little bead that you threaded to the center should keep the other beads from falling out. All you need to do now is, to separate the wires that come out of the Y and thread lots of beads on them. With a clasp attached to either end, your piece of handmade jewelry should be ready to wear.

If you have an eye for color and design, your own personal line of handmade jewelry should make a great kind of personalized gift anytime you need one. The options are endless, and dreaming up new jewelry over time could make for a great hobby.


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