Making Your Fresh Flower Arrangements Last Longer

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If you always thought that fresh flower arrangements in one’s home create a beautiful, garden like atmosphere right indoors, you are in good company. There are lots of people who try to get fresh flowers to bring a little color into their lives through the dreary winter months when everything outside seems bare and gray. It doesn’t matter how you come by your flowers – they could have arrived in a bouquet on a special day, or you could have cut them fresh from your own garden. However you come by your flowers, you need to find a way to preserve the short-lived beauty that flowers bring, for as long as you possibly can. Here’s what you can do to make sure that your flowers stay fresh and colorful for as long as possible.

When you buy fresh flower arrangements, you could make sure that you get the varieties that are known to last the longest  – chrysanthemums, delphiniums, daisies, roses – these are flowers that stay fresh for up to two weeks after they are cut. Getting these flowers though is no guarantee of long-lasting freshness. Any flower to be long-lasting, needs to be free of blemishes or damage. Before you buy a set of fresh flowers, inspect them closely – the flowers themselves, but also leaves and the stalks. Any sign of sliminess, brown spots or fading can easily show you that the flowers there are on has been around for far too long.

A great way to keep your fresh flower arrangements at their best for the longest is to use but very clean days each time. Make sure that you clean of days out with hot soapy water before you put in some fresh water for your fresh cut flowers. Change the water each day with a little fresh lukewarm water. Warm water gets in faster ibto the flowers and keeps them fresh for longer. You could add nutrients into the water to such as are available in flower food. Not only will they nourishing flowers to help them stay fresh for longer, they will keep the pH of the water and balance.

Make sure that you trim the stalks of the flowers every day. This keeps rot away and make sure that the water is absorbed as quickly as possible. In the end, make sure that you place your flowers well way from any source of heat. Many people want their vases on a television set. That’s a terrible idea: the heat from the television is sure to affect them sooner or later.


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