A Christian Dior Purse-The Dead Giveaways That You're Dealing With a Fake

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Any time you go on eBay or any other online marketplace looking for designer accessories, you are likely to find such an embarrassment of riches there – Christian Dior, Fendi, Chanel -they are everywhere. And then, just as you are about to click Buy Now on what seems like a steal great on a Christian Dior Cannage Tote that you’ve had your eye on ever since it came on pre-order, an unworthy thought comes up in your mind. This Christian Dior purse isn’t like those bags in Sex and the City are they? These don’t come out of the back of an old Cadillac in a seedy part of LA that belongs to someone who makes a so-so living importing fakes from China do they? You do want a real Christian Dior purse for the money you are paying. How do you tell a fake Christian Dior purse from the real deal? There are a few “tells” if you want to be able to see where the fiction ends and the genuine article begins. Read on for a few of the best ways that let you spot a fake when you see one.

The price of your Christian Dior purse could conceivably be a great indicator of its genuineness. Any time you find a great designer handbag going for less than $500, you should have your anti-counterfeit antenna perk right up. Original Dior bags going for less than $1500 are completely suspect. But price can’t ever be a dependable indicator of genuineness or otherwise. Some counterfeiters have products that are so hard to tell apart from the real thing at a casual glance that they will try to use reverse psychology on you.They’ll price their products like they were the real thing, only a little cheaper. There really is no substitute for actual intimate knowledge of what a real Dior bag is supposed to look like. Let’s little closer at that beautiful handbag that is to become part of your life soon, shall we?

If anywhere on your new Christian Dior purse is a sign that places your handbag’s place of origin as anywhere other than Italy, that should be your tipoff right away. How do you find out where it was made? Inside your bag is a little tag made of leather that mentions on the underside the fact that it is made in Italy. Look for a little serial number attached to the tag too. That’s a number that you should see matching the one on the card you get when you buy your handbag. But let’s take a walk through your fine Christian Dior handbag to gain a little familiarity with every part of this product of fine design.

Have you seen fakes with the interior lining tricked out with beautiful Christian Dior monograms? That’s your dead giveaway that you’re dealing with a fake. The real thing always has plain black nylon lining, and the Christian Dior label is marked in there just one. As with all of your designer purchases though, you’ll stay ahead of the counterfeiters if you keep educating yourself in the subject of what makes a real designer product the unique work of art that it is.


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