Finding Ways to Economize on Wedding Catering

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The best way to economize with anything is usually to start by identifying the most expensive parts of it first. Once you do that, you’ll find that cutting back in even small ways in the most expensive part of something is likely to yield great results. If you are trying to find ways to make a wedding a more reasonable burden on your pocket, you should realize that the wedding reception tends to be the most expensive part of any one of these affairs. The best way to economize with a reception usually is to target the wedding catering. The food and service is usually responsible for half the cost of a wedding reception. The only thing you’re worried about cutting back with the catering usually, is that you don’t want anyone to feel less than impressed with the arrangements. Wedding catering doesn’t have to be expensive to impress though. Let’s look at how you can cut costs without cutting back on the satisfaction of your guests.

Wedding receptions are usually black tie affairs. They don’t have to be that. Wedding catering contractors usually charge more for formal affairs. Turn your wedding reception into a casual affair, and you’ll end up saving a bundle by moving into a different kind of catering category. That said, a lot of waste in the cost of a wedding feast occurs because people plan for too many guests. You pay for all the food that arrives at the wedding, whether anyone eats it or not. You need to get as accurate an account of the guests you expect as possible. Counting the guests is important for one other reason. Most caterers will offer you discounts, if you count lots of children and elderly people among your guests. These are guests that usually don’t eat that much. Having your wedding on a weekday usually cost less in catering costs. It’s a fact. The weekends cost the most.

One of the most convenient ways there are of saving on wedding catering costs is to plan for the function at a time of day when people don’t expect to eat much. Have the wedding feast bang at lunch time, and of course your guests are going to expect a lavish meal. Have it be instead at 11 AM, and no one’s going to come prepared for real meal. You could even mention it on the invitation and say something like ‘light snacks will be served’ or something.

You needn’t feel guilty about wanting to cut back on your wedding expenses. Weddings didn’t always use to be lavish affairs, you know.


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