Omg! Rani And Vidya Lock Lips Onscreen

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Some may term it as being the height of promoting a film, while some may term it as true human love coming out in the open; but Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan have shocked everybody world-wide with their daring lip-lock onscreen.

With their film, “No one Killed Jessica” just about to be released they have given the proper impetus and attention to the film which is now on everybody’s lips. Rani and Vidya, though, have a different story to tell. They blame the media that had repeatedly reported about their animosity and tensions.

They claim that this was the only way to silence everybody, especially the media, by kissing and making out in an interview to show that there indeed is no hard-feelings between them, infact they are the best of buddies.

Earlier media reports had suggested that Rani Mukherjee had a bigger role in the film as compared to Vidya Balan due to which Vidya was not much impressed. But, whatever was the reason, the world has witnessed a intimate kiss on-screen, in what can be said to be a first in Bollywood.

The actresses were not apologetic or didn’t show any reaction after the incident. They maintained that they did it to silence the media as well as the critics who had gone overboard over their bitter relationships. It was a way to silence them forever.


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