Are You an Insomniac?

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                                         Are you an insomniac?

          If you happen to be one, you would spend sleepless nights almost daily. Sleep is a must after a hard day’s work.  God had designed our  Earthly body to work for 8 -10 hours and then take physical rest in bed  for around 7-8 hours during night so as to  rejuvenate yourself for the  next day’s work.  Incidentally, God, though a person like us, does not need any sleep. He can work continuously  round the year. Same is the case with the angels in Heaven. I don’t  know why God didn’t give us the same characteristics, as regards sleep, as His angels. But then, who are  we to question God about  the  design parameters of a human body?

        We have  digressed.  Now back to insomnia. So, we all need rest and sleep in bed.  If we don’t, then your whole functioning will go haywire;  you won’t be able to think clearly, you may become moody and irritable and create chaos in your work environment.       

       There are some medical remedies to overcome insomnia.  Taking sleeping  pills is one such. Those who are addicted to the pills, just can’t doze off without taking a sleeping tablet.   But then, these  pills in the long run could create some side effects, especially if you take some other medicine for some other ailment.  So, sleeping tablets is not a very good option.

         Some  psychologists have  recommended ‘music therapy’.  Every music won’t  be a Mummy’s lullaby but only  a  particular variety called, binaural beats music. These beats  will  stimulate your brain to a high level of relaxation.  Binaural beats is music set to certain frequencies to energise  a certain part of the brain..  This music is a soft and  relaxing one that has sounds of nature like waterfalls, birds’ chirps, the noise of ocean waves etc.

        Not desiring to invest any money buying the concerned  CD, I listened to the number in Google. My God, instead of falling asleep I turned into a fighter cock and switched off the thing. The number was most irritating !

        My analysis of the problem is quite different.  Insomnia is man made and not God made.  A person brings it upon himself/herself  as a sort of punishment for some misdeeds.

        If your conscience is clear at the end of the day, I assure you , you would get proper sleep. Be an honest and sincere individual in your work place, don’t cheat anyone nor go out of your way to harm someone. Love your neighbours and have only healthy thoughts about them. These ills have the habit of backfiring and reverberate in your ears and prevent you from sleeping. Any kind of guilty conscience will give you sleepless nights. 

       Therein lies the remedy.  Don’t waste money on pills and CDs.  The body rest of 7-8 hours a day,  is a God ordained gift to human beings and all living things on the Earth. By the way, animals don’t suffer from insomnia because they have no guilt in them.

      So, don’t deprive yourself of this gift by being a bad guy.

      Why not try my prescription?  And do let me know your verdict on it. 


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