Five Important Tools To Monitor A Website's Performance And Speed

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Here is the list:

1)LoadImpact: This site allows you to run simple load tests just by entering the url of the desired site.  Registration is compulsory to view your complete test result. LoadImpact conducts to 50 simulated users for free but above that, but limited to 5,000 simulated users, there is a premium account which costs about $9.  It also offers free page analysis.

2)Webwait: This is a simple site to test the speed of web connection and  pulls down the entire website into your browser. Webwait also takes into consideration Ajax/Javascript processing and image loading.

3)Octagate: Octagate uses their own online analysis tool which is dubbed as “Octagatesitetimer”. This timer allows the user to monitor a site’s performance and downloads directly images, frames, script files, Iframes etc from the site. 

4)Webslug: Another site with a great free tool allowing the users to monitor and compare their site’s performance with competitors. 

5)GTmetrix:  Besides checking your site’s speed, GTmetrix also provides professionals suggesstions and tips to increase your site’s performance. This site uses Google Page Speed and Yslow to deliver the result.

 Before I conclude, here are some simple tips that will help you to speed up the loading time of your site:

 – use smaller images,

 – always use JPG and PNG files, because GIF or BMPs need more space.

 – use images if necessary.

 – Use HTTP compression on your web servers.


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