What Exactly Are Paid To Click?

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And after clicking hundreds of ads you will be paid $1 by AlertPay or Paypal. Although this is a legitimate way to make money online through Paypal,AlertPay, have you ever thought how much the webmaster is making? He is making about 100% of what he pays you! This moneymaking method doesn’t require any skills or starting money, even though it might make it faster

What exactly are Paid To Click?

 PTC means Paid To Click programs, meaning  you can earn money by clicking links which will redirect you to an ad then wait for at least 30 seconds to get you money credited to your whatever PTC account your joining. Some PTC sites have additional ways you can make money from them like paid to read, paid to review, paid to surf  and so on.

Paid To Click programs, otherwise known as PTC are legitimate online scheme that are now growing on cyberspace. This method is employed by many internet companies in their advertising campaigns. These companies pay people for reading emails. They pay you when you click a link in the email and visit the site that they are advertising, usually for a set amount of time. Others offer payment for surfing, clicking links, banner or just for joining or subscribing to a program. They also give additional money when you get other people to join under your link.

What Is Per Click Rate?

The general per click rate is one cent or two cent.Not more than that. If you find a website promises to pay more than these general rates then probably it may be scam.

Per Day Restriction

Paid to click do not have any per day restriction. Per day restriction means the limit to which you can earn every single day through a website. Since the same advertisement cannot be click on the same day again, so you have to wait for at least 24 hours to view it again. So if you have more and more referrals then you can earn unlimited money from these paid to click websites.

What are referrals?

If you can invite others to join that site and mention you as their referral (either by typing their username or clicking their referral link) you can earn commission and from the people you recruit. The commission rate depends on that whatever PTC site also. You can buy referrals and upgrade packages in order to make money faster.


Upgrade means that with investing small sum of money you’ll make money faster. Usually these packages include: faster earnings, faster cashout times or something else. Upgrading to a paid member status usually at the websites will significantly lower minimum payouts, but at a cost. Upgrade is only recommened if the website is trusted and you have referrals, because it’s pretty useless without referrals. Usually upgraded members are premiums and non-upgraded are standards.

Cashout Limit

First of all by click and viewing advertisement you will earn money and when you reach the cashout limit then it will be transferred to your PayPal or AlertPay account. PayPal and AlertPay are known as payment processors and they are like internet banks you keeps your money.Cashout limit or  payout limit is the minimum amount of money you must earn before you can request your payment from a particular website. Cashout limit ranges from $1 to $20.

What Not To Do In a PTC Website

Never make more than one account on any paid to click website using the same computer or the same connection. If someone from your home wants to join such programs then it is essential for them to have separate internet connection. If you were found cheating then your account will be immediately ended without any prior notice. And once terminated then it can’t be recovered.  This business is so popular that some people makes cheating PTC website and are famous to scam people. So you must be careful.

Before joining any program, it is important that you read exactly their offers. What you should look carefully are the following:

    * Payout Scheme: it is advisable to pick those that give low and reasonable payouts;

    * Mode of Payment: usually, most PTR/PC pay in check but others also offer payment through AlertPay or Paypal .

    * Pay rates: The range is usually from 1 cent to 20 cents, but others also give special rates for special click options and pay to join program;

    * Sign-up Bonus: Usually, it’s better to pick those that offer lower sign-up bonus. Those that give $10, $20 will put you waiting because, their payout will also be much higher.

1.NEOBUX – You earn 2 cents per click, 2 cents for ads you referrals click. The minimum payout amount is set at $2.00 for your first payout request, $3.00 for the second, $4.00 for the third and so on until $ 10.00 . This means that when you reach or go beyond this limit, you can request your earned money. They pay via Paypal and Alertpay.

2. CLIXSENSE- For free accounts, you can earn 1 cent per click, 1 cent for every referral gain, when that referral upgrades into a premium account you gain $2 commission. They pay via check only. For premium you earn 10 cents per referral gain if that referral upgrades into premium you will get $2 commission.

3. HITS4PAY- You get $10 bonus after signing up to this site and it is the longest running PTC site. 2 cents per ad click, 1 cent you gain referrals and 1 cent when your referral clicks an ad.

Paid to click or PTC is nowadays very popular online opportunity for those people who want to make money online in very short period of time. If you need money and looking for a job, certainly this can help. But never expect to get enormous riches out of it.


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