The Easiest Way to Find Inspiration

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I wake up to the melody of a beautiful tune rendered by one of the little birdies sitting out on my balcony railing. Mesmerized and inspired, the tune fluently floats through all crevices of my mind soothing each node. I’m amused, not just because of the sheer beauty of that melody but because of the fact that a languid bundle like me, for the first time, did not snooze to some weird tone set on my alarm clock. I am awake! Fresh and bright, enchanted by this very soft mellifluous natural tone! The smell from the infant morning gently wafts through my nose waking up every happy hormone in me. I open my eyes to realize its going to be a beautiful day today.

All this joy and fascination and those various pleasant biological events in my body, just because of a simple birdsong? ‘Well..’ the little voice inside my head says to me, ‘that, is the power of nature.’

I’m sure that poor birdie was absolutely unaware of the spell it was casting on me! And certainly had no intention of waking up even a robot at an hour as early as 5 am.

There’s a reason why I refer to us earthlings, as robots.

On a typical day, (for the sake of this article, lets just assume that all birdies have migrated to another planet!) I wake up to an annoying alarm tone and snooze away a couple of times not because I’m a big fan of that alarm tone but I am so sleep deprived that I don’t want to loose hold of my sweet sleep. After I wake up (not necessarily awake, but yea, awake enough to keep me walking) and rush through getting ready to go to work I gulp down some breakfast and hare out of my house. An hour of unimaginable traffic and unstoppable blabbering on the radio later I reach my office. Three hours of continuous digging my head in the laptop, messaging on my blackberry, answering calls on my phone(s) later I realize that I haven’t even given my bladder a break! So I get up, stretch out and while in the restroom think about what other priorities need to be ticked off my list for today and decide to work right away on the first one; of course right after I’ve cared after my bladder. Hence there I was handling my priorities one after the other, answering calls, emails, meetings, etc. in between. I think I did have something for lunch, but I’m not sure, it’s not important. After a long day’s work I finally reach home, still typing away some nonsense mails or replies on my blackberry. I realize my belly’s been grumbling for quite some time now, I wonder why. So I toss some adipose into it and finally the grumbling stops. Hold on, what’s still grumbling? Oh it’s my blackberry! So I attend to it for some 30-40 minutes. An hour later I’m cycling away at the gym pondering over a mail I expect to receive and what it might sound like. I treat myself to a sense of satisfaction when I read that mail I’ve been anticipating, over dinner. Was it tasty? I don’t remember; who cares? An hour later I realize I’ve been nodding off in some bizarre position on my couch. So I go dump myself in bed. A few hours later, there goes my cacophony of an alarm clock again! How uninspiring!

Does this sound very ‘human’ to you? Were we introduced to this planet for us to go dashing about mechanically, ticking off our priorities in our lives? Why are we on an eternal mission to find satisfaction? And even if we do find it in some form, why do we re-embark on the same journey?

Happiness is right here, inside us. Although it’s difficult to look for, it’s very easy to find, surprisingly!

Listening to Mother Nature’s sweet melodies in little birds and vast ocean waves, Watching her beautifully mingle all of nature’s elements so harmoniously, Loving every fellow earthling worthy of the pricey emotion, Life inspires us. All we have to do is to ‘wake up’ and let happiness enter us.

But if your Blackberry grumbles while you are in the midst of being inspired, then simply, Bury the Berry!


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