How TO Start Writing?

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If you have trouble beginning to write, try free associating—typing out anything about your topic that comes to your mind. Writing even a few random phrases or sentences can help you relax and provide assurance that you do in fact have something of worth to say about your subject.

Another way to start writing is to begin with the material you know best, even if it belongs in the middle of the document. Once you feel more sure of yourself, you can go back and draft the beginning.

The best thing about writing is you gain more knowledge and confidence about the things you know when you start to write them down in a form of  article,post,blog or even a book.

And always keep in mind that you should read and gain knowledge about the world and the things you like to write and then write them down in your own words. If you do not have any knowledge about the things you are to write then how can you write a good article about that subjact.

You should always write about the things you know,love and enjoy to write the most. Read newspapers,articles,books and gain knowledge about various subjects. Then start to write about it in your own words. Discribe it one by one. Remember to always have a clear topic. So that the reader will always want to read it,when they see the heading at the very first moment.

For a start Never try to write in very old English or like a poet. Never write a thing which will be boring to you. Cos if so it will defiantly be boring to the reader as well. Use active verbs that makes the sentences short. Decide on what you are going to write and how it will look in the end. Stay in touch with the world, read newspapers and gain knowledge about things that are happening around the world. Try to have a strong beginning and a proper ending. Never start good and end it short and quick.

Some tips on how to start

1.Edit your work over and over.

2.Write what ever that comes to your mind. Then put them all in together to make a nice artilce or message.

3.Be specific about what you write.

4.Express your thouths carfully in to what you write.

5. Always write what you know and love to write about.



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