How to Know the Benefits of Writing for Bukisa

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First of all, is owned by a proven founder who has great success with his companies. I think that writing and posting for is looking very promising in my eyes. Below are the benefits that offers.

1- Sharing knowledge-  You get a chance to share your knowledge with the world on whatever it is that you want to write about and the great thing is that pays you for your knowledge.

2-Writing articles- You can write articles on subjects ranging from arts and entertainment to travel topics and everything in between.

3-Video submits- You can actually submit how-to videos on whatever it is that you know. This is truely handy in the home improvement area.

4-Audio- Want to post something audio? is the place to do it and remember you get rewarded for it.

5-Slide show- You can submit slide show content.

6-Images- You can submit images ranging from your avatar to your article images.

7-Friends- You can invite friends and family to

In a nut shell, Bukisa offers a great opportunity to write articles,post pics,post audio,post video,post slide shows and they pay you for your work and they way it looks, they pay rate is very attractive. As stated before, with all of the make money scams on the internet, is not one of them. It is finally great to find a legitimate and priofessional company that will pay its writers for their work and stand behind their name.

To get started as a member just visit and join up. They will in return send you a conformation e-mail and once you confirm you can start submitting content write away. gets 5 stars in my book.


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