The Types of Dog Collars

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This will make us realize that, throughout history, human being has beautified the neck of dogs with materials like velvet, brass, and even jewels.

Obviously, that tradition can still be seen today. People are even more aware of their dogs by getting their lovable pets with healthier foods, beds, shoes, and many other things. Some of the supplies have even crossed the boundaries of that tradition. They come in so many sizes, patterns, materials, and shapes to fill all your canine’s needs.

If you really love your dog, you will consider buying him a collar. Here are the reasons why a collar is essential for every dog. The first thing that you must give to your dog is identification, a collar can give it. Life can be very surprising, so you had better prepare for any situation that might happen. When your dog gets lost, the identification mark in his collar can be his only ticket to get back to you. In addition, collars can be a mean to make your dog more stylish, especially if you want to show them to other people.

Actually, putting minimum one collar in your dog’s neck is very important. The collar can serve as restraint tool to manually grab and control your dog. Thus, you MUST give your dog a collar for all the time. People like to have watches, earring, or necklaces with them, so do the dogs. The dog will be happy to have some collars that will beautify them with certain styles.

Basic collars are available in several types, yet the style collars come with many more variations in style and patterns. The basic flat buckle collars are commonly employed to train the dogs. However, you will have to differentiate the basic collars from the training collars. The basic collars must be given to the dogs prior to any other collars, including training collars. In fact, giving the training collars should be considered to be the last resort in training behavior to the dogs. Basic collars mainly have two types; the breakaway and flat buckle collars. If you care about your dog and want to provide more comfort to him, you can give him the flea collars.

That is all about the basic collars. Now, let’s talk about the collars that have the suitable materials and style for your pooch. In the market, you can find collars which are made from nylon or leather. The styles are also various; reflective, studded, or spiked. You can even order a special style or material that only fit to your dog.

In addition, you must give a tag where your address and telephone number are written there. This is to make a proper preparation should your dog really gets lost.

It is true that a collar is important for a dog. Yet, you must always choose the collars that fit really well to your dog. Pick collars that suit well with the type of your dog.


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