Agne ou Demon Perfume Review

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This is another perfume which I was lucky to be bought for Christmas and for me it has to be the weaker of all of the ones which I got.


The perfume comes in a glass bottle which is shaped rather like a diamond. There is a pink tinge to the glass which means the liquid inside has a pleasant colour and not the usual wee colour we get. The lid follows on from the diamond shape design of the bottle and it is made from plastic. It is very simple take on and off and under this we have the traditional trigger spray.


When I first sprayed this perfume my initial thought was not good. It had a rather weak smell and reminded me slightly of disinfectant. After having another sniff I noticed that there was a hint of a floral scent but this was masked by another smell which I just cannot pin point. I have researched the notes for the perfume online and they are as follows:-

Top notes – jasmine sambac, white peony, aquatic flowers

Heart notes – winter lemon, cranberry, green tea leaf accord

Base notes – blond woods, patchouli

Unfortunately I have not been able to smell a lot of the noted which this perfume has and for me the blond wood is the most striking and am at a loss as to the cranberry and lemon it is supposed to have. There is a light feel to the scent and I think this may be due to the fact that the scent is weak and not very easy to smell.

There have been no changes in the scent due to hormones that I have noticed but saying this I have only been able to smell this for a short time when I have worn it so there may be some but not that I can smell when doing the initial spray.


I would say that due to the lightness of the fragrance then it is best suited to daytime wear and more so for the summer months when you don’t want a heavy musky perfume on. There is a slight floral feel to the scent and maybe if it was stronger it would have given this an elegant feel. I have to say that this is defiantly not a perfume to be worn if you are going for an evening out or for a romantic occasion as it is not very noticeable.

Due to the lightness of this scent and the slight elegant feel I recommend this is worn by the top end of the market, it is more suited to the over 50’s as it only has a light smell. I don’t think it is at all suitable for the young trendy market as there is a lack of smell to it and it just wont get you noticed.


There is a distinct lack of staying power to this perfume and I think this is due to the fact there is not much scent to the perfume. I have wore it a few times over the past month and despite being able to smell it when I initially spray it within an hour the fragrance has completely gone. I have also had to wear twice as much each time I have used this just to be able to get a good amount of smell and for it to be noticeable.


This perfume is widely available and depending on where you shop you should find it priced at around £35 for the 30ml bottle. I think this price is awful considering there is a distinct lack of smell and staying power so more has to be used for each wear.


This perfume has been a let down for me and I think hubby really did waste his money on it. The scent is a strange on and my initial thought was of disinfectant (not that I told him this!) On second smell I was able to notice a slight woody scent but it was very weak. The staying power is very poor therefore making the bottle poor value for money. It is more suited to the older end of the market as it has a weak yet slightly elegant feel. I can only give this perfume 1 star overall and this really if only for the bottle style as I do really like this part of it. If you are still undecided then I would recommend getting a sample as it does have a high price tag.



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