Why You Should Get Your Next Car From a Federal Car Auction

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Have you contemplated getting your son or daughter a car for school, well you can save thousands of dollars on a used or somewhat used vehicle at a Federal Car Auction. Many people don’t understand or know how the procedure of purchasing an automobile at a Federal Car Auction operates, and they think you can only get old beat up clunkers at these auctions. That is one of the lies you hear about Federal Car Auctions that is not right. Many of these vehicles are less than a year or two years old.

So why would you should purchase a car from a car auctions?  Well, to begin with you save thousands of dollars off the bluebook value of a car or truck. The second thing, the vast majority of cars and trucks at auction cars site are less than five years old in most cases.

Listed here are 5 reasons why you should get your next car or truck from a car auction site:

Reason Number 1: It will save you 90% off the bluebook value of a car or truck
With a car auction site they have obtained sufficient details and access rights to be able to let their members enjoy a multitude of the direct sources where one can find their next automobile with up to 90% cost savings off the book value price.

Reason Number 2: You will get a warranty along with every single car you purchase
Unlike purchasing a car from someone that provides simply no warranty, car auction sites will make sure your vehicle has at the least a 90 day warranty.  Also you can get an extended warranty for a small cost depending on the source. But in general it’s not a problem, because many repo cars are just about brand new and with recorded service history.

Reason Number 3: You’ll be able to check the VIN of the car that I like
Many auctions give you a free CARFAX VIN report before you begin bidding for your peace of mind. Or you can order a CARFAX report yourself for any vehicle.

Reason Number 4: Cars are in good condition
Car auction sites not only take excellent pride in the servicing and maintenance of their automobiles, but it is also part of their company duty to conform to work safety legislation etc. You will find a lot of the vehicles come with stamped log books, complete with service record. Additionally some of them are still under manufacturers warranty. Most cars are only 2-3 yrs old and majority has travelled between 40,000 -60,000 kms, or 25,000 – 40,000 miles.

Reason Number 5: You Know Exactly Where The Car Came From
If a vehicle was purchased under a Federal or State government contract then it is eligible to be sold at a federal car auction.
When you think of all the various departments and levels of government across the United States, you realize just how many vehicles are up for auction. Some examples of where your new vehicle might have served include:

  • Federal Government

  • State Government

  • Local Councils Organizations

  • Police Services/departments incl. Sheriffs/Marshalls Dep.

  • Fire & Emergency Services

  • Religious Groups & other Non-profit Organizations

  • Universities & other Education Organizations

  • Hospitals & Ambulance Services

If you in the market for an additional car or truck you got to consider purchasing it at a Federal Car Auction. Instead of paying an inflated amount to your neighborhood car dealer, you can buy your next car or truck at a Federal Car Auction for 95% off bluebook price.

I really hope you appreciated reading about federal car auctions, and you can learn more by visiting www.moneytohealth.com


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