Jersey City Medical Center Emergency Room Service Review

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I have had the misfortune to visit the Jersey City Medical Center emergency room two times this past December. Although I did receive some help with my health concerns, I have to say that the service could use some significant improvement. The beds were filthy and there was very little seperation between the patients. I felt like I was being treated in the military. I saw a lot of people and things that I had no interest in seeing at all.

The doctors and nurses are overworked. Everything takes a very long time. Sometimes the staff do not even know my name. This is a real security issue ofcourse. There are not enough security guards and no one can protect the doctors and patients from the crazy and homeless patients that are admitted from time to time. Very little instructions are provided about home care. The staff seems to be trying to get rid of the patients as soon as possible. There isn’t enough space for all the patients. The wait time is at least thirty minutes. Sometimes the doctor leaves before they even have the opportunity to see their scheduled patient. This emergency rooms is a real mess. If you have the opportunity to attend a different hospital, you should definitely do so. The customer service at the Jersey City Medical Center is not the best.


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