Don't Run After Money…………..

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Many people have a tendency to believe that money and wealth alone can make a man happy.According to their belisf and judgment notjhing else can make a man happy.The way tey speak  of money and the emphasis tey put on money is not based on sound reason.If money were the only thing needed for happiness,then all rich people would have ben appy.Unfortunately, this is not true.In fact,happiness is an entirely different thing.A man who does not possess much wealth can be happy. On the other hand a man who has planty of wealth passes anxious moments.Wealth makes a man greedy.The man who is wealthy wants more and more wealth to satisfy his greed.He does not need the wealth he wants. When he becomes greedy he loses control over money.It is money which controls him. He becomes unhappy and his unhappiness continues to increase as greed for more increases.Money is undoebtedly needed.But our happiness does not entirely depen on money.most men long for wealth.wealth, the think brings happiness.but, often wealth brings a great deal of worry without much happiness.a milionaire is a very wealth man, of course,but his great wealth is also a great responsibility.He may have many large estates and factories.Eststes and factories usually need a lot of attention and are.There may be disputes between the millionaire and his workers ever one trouble one after another.Thease disputes may lead to strikes.In this case , the millionaire may lose a lot of mney or some gangsters may kidnap the millionaire’s child and demand thousends of pounds to return the child safe and sound.Avery rich therfore in spite of his great wealth,may not have an easy life.He has many worries.These worries of a poor man.


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