Pat Training Equipment – Here’s How You Can Choose The Right One

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One of the most common reasons for mishaps at workplace is electrical equipment. Very often we see that there is a loose connection in the wires or the equipment itself is damaged and hence these accidents can happen. It is therefore not surprising to see a recognized code of practice to enable all employers to allow safe working practices with portable appliances. As per the code of practice, all employers are required to test their equipment and make sure they are in working order and are safe to use.

The inspection and checking procedures can either be carried out by your in-house PAT tester or you can hire a contractor to get the job done. In fact, the choice for you will largely depend on size of the business, nature of workplace, etc. Getting suitable equipment to carry out PAT testing can be a simple task, but you need to understand what you are buying, this is because PAT training equipment available these days are varied and some are more suited to different environments or testing needs. Hence, choosing the right one becomes very important. Given below points could possibly help you in arriving at a decision.

1. Go or No Go type testers.

As the name suggests, the equipment only indicates if the appliance on test is in normal condition or not. The equipment comes in handy while checking earth continuity and insulation checks.

Also, the trainees handling go / no go PAT training equipment may find it really difficult to adjust to different items or unusual appliances. For an example, appliances having long leads could simply end up failing the test irrespective of whether they are ok or not!

2. Manual PAT testers

For many, the manual PAT testers are more suitable for testing electrical appliances. They also have better functionality as compared to go / no go testers and hence they can overcome the problems that are mentioned above. As they offer actual readings of tests, the tester can be seen to be future proofed.  

3. Downloadable PAT testers

The advent of improvements in technology has made it possible to use downloadable PAT testers to great effect while checking electrical appliances. While undergoing PAT training these testers can be of great help to understand different things associated with electrical appliances and how they need to be checked. The equipment is very useful in saving your time and money, these are deemed more suitable if you have a large number of items to test or you have several of sites to manage within your PAT testing responsibilities.

Choosing appropriate equipment for checking different electrical equipment can be an expensive mistake. Don’t make any mistakes, call Technoserv Training Services. You can get valuable information about them at


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