Pat Training Courses – Basic Details You Would Love to Know

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PAT training refers to a set of procedures that are taught to individuals to help troubleshoot and test different electrical appliances in order to ensure they are safe for use. The professionals who carry out these procedures should be trained and certificated. They carry out their routine work as per the regulations laid down by the IEE code of practice. By being certificated they show that they have been through a period of training and been assessed as competent in both theory and practical of PAT testing.

It is well understood that we need to ensure portable appliances are performing safely, but with the passage of time they can potentially get damaged or just deteriorate over time. This can easily pose safety threats and can be dangerous when left unnoticed or neglected. It is here the usefulness of testing your appliances comes into picture. The inspection and in-service testing procedures are carried out by PAT testers and they then mark the appliance as either safe or do not use. Now, how do you think these procedures are carried out? Or what helped these people to issue such a label? Well, PAT training courses are what helped them undertake such inspection and testing procedures. You too could learn the necessary skills to do this job function.

There are many things to learn in a PAT training course these days. And all should include study of different aspects of electronic and electrical appliances, their overall function, their structure, and obviously their safety features. It does not matter what your background is, or what your educational qualifications are, just about anyone can join these courses to help understand different things associated with PAT testing. In a PAT training course students are provided with not just theoretical knowledge but also practical training that will help them to get ready to carry out testing procedures later on in the real world.

Once the course is over, the student is provided with a course completion certificate that will allow him/her to carry out different testing tasks easily under the guidance laid down by IEE. Today, there is a variety of companies willing to provide these courses to willing students. A proper search on the internet will reveal several companies that specialize in PAT training. However, you need to exercise some caution before choosing one of them. Make sure you go through their course contents, pass criteria and then make a short list of companies and get to know them in detail before making your selection.

One of the places that are well known in offering PAT training courses is Technoserv Training Services. You can get more information about them and their courses here: They have had lots of experience in providing PAT training to different businesses located all across the United Kingdom, just like yours. Attending and completing the course will enable you to conduct PAT testing at your own company.


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