Liberty Health Provides Free Medical Services For The Unemployed

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As an unemployed individual, I have decided to apply for the Liberty Health insurance this year. The application process was very long and drawn out. I was required to submit a great number of documents in order to receive these benefits. Finally, after the application process was complete I was provided with a small pink paper insurance card.

This insurance must be renewed every year and it cannot be used everywhere. The Liberty Health insurance is mainly used inside the emergency room. I was able to receive a significant reduction of emergency room visit fees as a result of using my Liberty Health card. However, even though I used this insurance I was not able to get treated for free. I still had to pay for the emergency rooms services. I guess Liberty Health does not cover the medical treatment completely as they promise at the time of the application. However, I am thankful for any help that is available to me. This sure beats the Obama insurance plan.

Liberty Health medical insurance is also called Charity Care. Even if your total household income is not $0, you would still be eligible to receive it. This means that even if your spouse or another member of your household is employed, you can still get the discounted medical care.


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