All You Wanted to Know About Pat Test Training

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A great deal of care and attention has to be applied when working around with appliances that run on electricity. Irrespective of the equipment you are using, you need to make sure it is safe to use and will yield results you desired out of it. But how can one verify the safety aspect associated with this equipment? Well, periodic checking of the plug, cable and case is a must to assure everything is safe, this should be done by the user as and when they are using the item and by a trained individual with a PAT tester at routine intervals. Considering the importance surrounding this feature, a large number of organizations have come up with their own PAT test training regimes to help enable their staff conduct visual safety checks on different equipment, they must then either outsource a trained PAT tester or train their own staff.

It is true that there exists potential danger while working with electrical appliances. Only when the appliances or equipment are in perfect condition they will remain harmless to people working with them. Programs related to PAT test training will help individuals to constantly monitor the overall condition of appliances and will thus ensure their safety. How often should testing be carried out? Well, there is the IEE recommended frequency for this. Nonetheless, the frequency will greatly depend on the environment in which the item is being used and the use of the appliances.

As and when electrical equipment is in use for an industrial or commercial purpose, it has to be checked and labeled the label should either indicate ‘Passed’ or ‘Do not use’, this is a visual record for the end user, they then can be rest assured the item has been checked (they still need to be vigilant). Pre PAT testing, we relied solely on a persons own ‘common sense’, unfortunately with 12,500 electrical fires every year and 29 deaths from electrical shock and 1,000’s of non fatal electric shocks, the need was felt to follow a more uniform approach towards the testing procedures. Thus, the IEE Code of Practice came into existence.

The emergence of new rules or guidelines made it easy for all PAT testers to check electrical appliances and conclude if the electrical appliance were indeed safe to use or not. Today, the guidelines laid down by the IEE is the standard code of practice followed for checking the numerous appliances in the industrial, commercial and domestic environments in the United Kingdom.

Any interested individual can undergo a PAT test training course. In the course, the candidates will learn how to handle different equipment so that PAT inspections can be carried out safely and effectively. The course in PAT test training are so designed that portable electrical appliances can be checked thoroughly and see if they comply with the IEE COP. Only a competent individual who has attended a suitable course and been assessed as a competent person should carry out these procedures. If you are interested in PAT test training course do visit Here, you are able to find information on PAT test courses.


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