Understanding Traffic Generation With Search Engines

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Search engines have been playing a pivotal role in information communication technology, as it is most frequently used platform available on Internet. There are many search engines providers, but both Google and Yahoo has been dominating major market share in the past years. And now, it seems that Google is winning the race.

In the perspective of traffic generation, the bulk of it would came from search engines, which is why it is imperative to attain the highest page rank possible. It is because the more traffic your site attracts, the more money you would stand to earn, regardless of whether the site is marketing affiliated (For example, Google Adsense) or a business entity. Apart from increasing your exposure to almost every avenue like forums and chat lines, the most pragmatic solution of all will be search engine optimisation (SEO) solution. By beefing up the word density of your site content, could eventually lift your position in search engine generated result. Meta tag is another additional solution that could bring your position up.

Besides search engine optimisation and other relevant approaches that require some additional efforts, trustworthiness has been in focused these days by search engines. Visitors or surfers these days are highly inclined to believed that domain web sites are more reliable than web-log and most of them believed web-log business are deemed to be fly-by-night in nature. As part as domain is concern, it does come with an IP address. IP address is like your home address. It is often unique and distinguishes an individual user. However, when you tried to visit certain web site, we always uses domain address like www.yahoo.com instead of IP address like IP addresses are too hard to remember. So people usually stick to domain address.

Share hosting domain is like a neighbourhood filled with hundreds of occupants, and the best part is that all of the shared the same IP address because they are all staying in one server. This can be rather disturbing, if at all some of these occupants are hosting sites which are undesirable could be detrimental to your business. You may contest that those were not your site, but to search engine which runs a large database behind it, thinks that your site are undesirable too. Being implicated by undesirable web sites is not the worst scenario, as some other sites may be involved in spamming or scamming activities which resulted in the IP addresses to be banned and you took over this IP will not be able to conduct business operations like sending emails because it has been blacklisted and blocked by ISPs and your site will not even be listed in the search engines at all. Some of these controversial factors have been factored into the algorithms of Google in its extraction of database that subsequently decides that you are banned. This sort of implications by other undesirable content site is totally unnecessary and may affect the goodwill as well as the reputation of your business. Such sharing and simplified hosting is easy and less tedious for the hosting companies and makes it significantly cheaper as compared to hosting dedicated IP web sites.

Having a unique IP address for your business is the best option, as you need not worry that it will be being banned by ISPs or blocked by search engines. It is especially important to have unique IP domain site to host business activities in order to process proper transaction. If your business required the merchant transactional function in order to accept credit cards as well as debit cards payment, you definitely needs a unique IP address in order to get an SSL certificate for your business website. Although, using third party transactional account like PayPal can circumvent this issue, it may not be viable as it incurred further cost and tedious for customers.

In search engine optimisation or SEO, dedicated IP address tends to perform better as compared to share IP address hosting. Although, it is largely believed to be so, there are no satisfactory answers to this arcane phenomenon.

Another point with propel web sites to move towards dedicated IP address is security. Apart from traffic generating and so on, sustainability is still one of the most important factor after you have gain so much exposure and page rank in search engines, you could be the target of malicious act, so security should be taken seriously and prudently.

It is to be note that, both method of web hosting has their pros and cons, but it seems that dedicated IP address web hosting has more advantages that outweigh the feasibility of shared IP address web hosting. Of course, like any other businesses, even out of the virtual world of Internet, cost is still the primary concern, which will not end the method of shared IP web hosting because of its very significantly low price tag.


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