Phone And Cable Companies Have Horrible Weekend Customer Service

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I am a customer of Comcast and my wireless internet connection was not working this weekend. I called in for customer support and spoke to approximately four different customer service representatives. None of these people were able to help me resolve my problem. Some of the representatives were disrespectful and could not relate to my situation. They were behaving as if Comcast service was provided as a favor to me. Keep in mind that I pay a lot of money every month to be connected to the internet. I do not think that this is fair to me at all. This is called taking advantage of people.

Ultimately, I was referred to the Netgear customer service number. No one picked up the phone there even though the service is supposed to be 24/7. I attempted to call some other companies like Verizon, Cablevision, and AT&T to find out more information about their plans and services. Unfortunately, all of these companies do not provide any customer service on weekends. I was not able to speak to anyone. These companies charge so much money for their services and yet they do not provide an adequate amount of customer support.

Right now I am thinking about getting a 4G wireless card from Sprint and cancelling the internet service from Comcast. The card is more expensive and comes with a contract. However, I do a lot of work on the internet so the extra connectivity may be worth it.


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