Where to Get Investment Information on Singapore Stock Market?

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Straits Times Index, the bourse for Singapore is recovering at a very fast pace from global economic crisis in 2008 to 2009. Economy has been recovering from early to around mid 2009. Commodity prices are once again at its high. This is especially so for crude oii which is heading towards the direction of $100 per barrel.

In order to understand investing, one must understand that there are many factors contributing to the rise and fall of Singapore stock exchange. For instance, if the rise of crude oil would means companies dealing in petrol, fuel and oil rig businesses would most likely to rise as well.

But where do we get information and up to date news like this for an informed decision to be made? What stock to buy? These are the questions that new investors would ask most of the time. It is good to visit the most popular Singapore stock forum, Channel News Asia Forum – Market Talk for such information. However, you need to verfiy the facts that are discussed in such forum because facts may be distorted and the people who post are more likely to have vested interest and what they are doing is rallying support with broadcast communication.

So that makes Singapore Stock Market information, knowledge and forum site like Sharejunction useful. New investor who are generally inexperience in investing should not speculate and jump straight to technical analysis. Company fundamental should be studied before jumping in. The pyschological behaviour of investors in bullish or recovering market are likely to have the fear of losing opportunity and therefore jumped in to buy at high price. That is the reason why, the elderly who have very limited knowledge about investing usually kept stocks or counters for many years which they had bought at a very high price. Target price guide issued by banks and fiancial institution is a good guide as well. But one should not follow blindly.

Another good site for investors to understand more about stock market terms and jargons is – Investopedia.

It is more prudent for investors to read and find out more to make informed decision themselves. Remember, “Caveat Emptor”, which means buyers beware.


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