2010 Traffic & Earnings

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I am a guy with strong object to earn money online. In early 2009 when I started searching in this aspect & I found some PPC (Pay per Click) programs. I did not wait to enroll, as fast as I enrolled those site that fast I came to know it is not very easy job to get paid with those pennies into dollars. I am not saying thy don’t pay but it require lot of effort, referrals to convert some dollars to your account. I was failed to get the referrals, why because people whom I contacted  to join my referrals were expecting instant money, so they don’t want to join these programs. I myself tried as much as I can do it for around a year, but no results. 

In early 2010 I thought of doing something new to keep my aim live. One fine day I found, a  powerful & free blog provider. Again did mistake, as soon as I saw Blogger, created a blog then published some posts related to softwares which are related to compliance, result, Google deleted my blog. A good lesson. 

I kept my thoughts on hold for sometime did some R&D what people are looking for, what is the best keyword people go for Search Engines. I shared my ideas with some of my friends, surprisingly I came to know they also looking for a Blog but not sure How to give it a start to get it boom! 

I am back to my PC and started searching for What is Blog? What a Blog contains apart from Content? What is Widget? What is Template? How can I tweak my Blogger Template? These were few questions in my mind, the result, I found (MBP). 

To be frank I found lot of problems after launching MBP. In earlier days, I copied few(4-6) posts related to blogger widgets from other’s websites. At that time I was not aware of copyrights & it’s value. They raised complaint against those posts, again my blog was deleted by Google. 

Thought I lost Blog but I did not lost Domain Name. Luckily I used to export my posts regularly. This helped my to rebuild this. But I lost my traffic & rank in Google. But this time I am pretty much aware & more clear how content is important. 

Here are the details of my 2010 traffic & earnings for your reference: 
2010 Traffic & Earnings-1

2010 Traffic & Earnings-2 

Alexa Ranking: 

Infolinks.comm – $12.45 – Waiting 

Total: $12.54 

Bring Huge Traffice to your Blog: 

I will come up with Jan 2011 Traffic & Earnings soon…


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